Interaction Audit

Customer Experience mapped ongoing will ensure you improve Satisfaction & optimize Cost. Our trained shoppers create real-life situations & anonymously evaluate elements critical to your business success like Selling skills, Process Efficiency, Knowledge, speed of Service

When answers and insights are required with intricate details on a continuous basis, RAG Scores’ Interaction Audits are highly effective in finding out consumer opinions. Through our carefully designed audit sheets you can specifically identify the areas of strength & improvement alike. Typically used in Call centers and Service Centers, RAG Scores audits the calls as a third party

Our Interaction Audits are ideal for:

  • Call centres - RAG Scores audits the calls as a third party
  • Identifying process issues
  • Improving productivities
  • Identifying training needs

We work with you to develop the audit framework to maximize participation.


To learn more about Interaction Audits contact us and ask for a customized session

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Club Mahindra
  • Mapping typical lifecycle & major events
  • Analyse opportunities for Proactive Service Management, define desired processes needed based on outcomes
  • Identifying gaps in Member Profiling & Data capture, and define steps & processes needed to enrich Data
  • Study existing CRM & other allied systems for ability to support Data Capture & Analytics 
  • Define Outcomes OR Measures for new processes
  • Define roadmap for implementation & pilot design

Softage Information Technology Pvt Ltd

People Capability building & restructuring

  • Development centres
  • Assessment centres
  • Skills training
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • Performance management system

Red Hot Cafe
  • Mystery dining
  • Up-sell & cross-sell training
  • Frontline training
  • Detailed pre-launch audit & assessment all Telecom processes ( as well as key inter-function linkages) including mystery audits, testing & competition benchmarking
  • Establishing key metrics for the Service Operations teams focussing on Cost efficiencies
  • Proposal evaluation for the call centre & technology outsourcing
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Optimization of the existing call centre & walk-in performance on key metrics
  • Established performance & quality framework for the Contact Centre
  • Optimization of call centre processes and technology and road map for future initiatives
  • Best Practice implementation
  • Training of key resources for contact centre management
  • Project SENSATION : Retail Service Quality improvement program
  • Mystery shopping
  • Point-of-Sale Audits
  • Competition Benchmarking
  • Process design and documentation
  • Market research : Territory potential
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Improving retail experience
  • Customer relationship model for repeat business
  • Improve visibility and reach

Funcity, India(Part of Landmark Group, UAE)

  • Customer life cycle management
  • Customer retention program
  • Revenue optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Mystery dining
  • Guest retention
  • Up-selling & cross-selling
  • Frontline training
  • Service audit - Experience & Standardization.
  • Recommendations on service improvement, standardization & technology deployment



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