Lifecycle Audit

Measure your customer’s experience across various stages of lifecycle & all touch-points, to make a crucial impact on revenue & retention

RAG Scores Lifecycle Audits are highly effective in getting feedback from customers and are key to providing actionable inputs in measuring, managing and improving customer experience.

We map all interaction points of the lifecycle & audit them for compliance and improvement opportunity We customize the approach to ensure what works best for you and your customers across channels Stores, Call Centre, Visit, Website, IVR, SMS, Email, Letters & Faxes.

Through Life Cycle Audits you can:
Understand Experiences – Identify the critical touch points that drive customer satisfaction – increasing sales and customer advocacy along with any areas that require focus and improvement.

Continuous Feedback – Empowering your teams to ensure they are delivering the best experiences and improving training with continuous real-time feedback.

Service Recovery – Things can go wrong, however, through our “RAG Alert” notifications for fatal issues, you can quickly reach out to the customers who have had a negative experience and implement customer recovery measures, saving customers and protecting revenues.

Analyse & Action – Through our on-line portal you and your teams will have individually access to view surveys in anytime, gaining detailed feedback that can be quickly actioned.


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Club Mahindra
  • Mapping typical lifecycle & major events
  • Analyse opportunities for Proactive Service Management, define desired processes needed based on outcomes
  • Identifying gaps in Member Profiling & Data capture, and define steps & processes needed to enrich Data
  • Study existing CRM & other allied systems for ability to support Data Capture & Analytics 
  • Define Outcomes OR Measures for new processes
  • Define roadmap for implementation & pilot design

Softage Information Technology Pvt Ltd

People Capability building & restructuring

  • Development centres
  • Assessment centres
  • Skills training
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • Performance management system

Red Hot Cafe
  • Mystery dining
  • Up-sell & cross-sell training
  • Frontline training
  • Detailed pre-launch audit & assessment all Telecom processes ( as well as key inter-function linkages) including mystery audits, testing & competition benchmarking
  • Establishing key metrics for the Service Operations teams focussing on Cost efficiencies
  • Proposal evaluation for the call centre & technology outsourcing
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Optimization of the existing call centre & walk-in performance on key metrics
  • Established performance & quality framework for the Contact Centre
  • Optimization of call centre processes and technology and road map for future initiatives
  • Best Practice implementation
  • Training of key resources for contact centre management
  • Project SENSATION : Retail Service Quality improvement program
  • Mystery shopping
  • Point-of-Sale Audits
  • Competition Benchmarking
  • Process design and documentation
  • Market research : Territory potential
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Improving retail experience
  • Customer relationship model for repeat business
  • Improve visibility and reach

Funcity, India(Part of Landmark Group, UAE)

  • Customer life cycle management
  • Customer retention program
  • Revenue optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Mystery dining
  • Guest retention
  • Up-selling & cross-selling
  • Frontline training
  • Service audit - Experience & Standardization.
  • Recommendations on service improvement, standardization & technology deployment








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