Who are we?

RAG Scores is a fully owned brand of Service Solutions It was born out of a need repeatedly highlighted by our clients… "How to understand REAL customer experience".
RAG Scores specializes in “Customer Experience Management” through actually experiencing the services after a detailed mapping of all aspects. The focus remains on not reporting but analysis leading to action focused on bringing change directed towards business objectives of the organization.

RAG Scores management team:

We are a team of specialists across industries with focused experience in Customer Service Experience

Arti Prakash -
has more than 22 years of experience across geographies in varied industries. During her tenure as Vice President of Customer Service for the world’s largest financial service, BPO & telecom companies (Citibank, IBM, Hutch-now Vodafone in India) she created and implemented a common vision, mission, strategy and processes across the country’s various service channels. Her key areas of specialization are Service & Business strategy, planning Service Delivery via contact centre & alternate channels & Service Quality as a business driver

Vijay Jassal -
brings with him over 16 years of experience. He worked with Taj Group of Hotels & Vodafone and did extensive work in Operations’ conceptualization, Process design & implementation and overall Service management. His tenure as heading Customer Support was focused on the skill of managing large & Transaction oriented Operations while ensure the finesse of serving end customers, while delivering Cost Optimization. His understanding of end to end delivery in service processes, Contact Center & Support operations are his key strength.

Our Values

Why are we different?
We focus on improving Customer Experience through reaching out to your customers, experiencing your products & services like a customer. Our analysis & feedback is actionable and meant to improve People-Process-Technology to deliver a tangible business differentiator.

RAG Scores Loves to provide “Actionable Feedback” which is a combination of "Quick Wins" and "Strategic Inputs" to enhance Customer Experience and therefore loyalty & retention .

We can also help you implement the actionables and be a partner the journey to witness the success

PS : RAG Scores hates to provide a summary of "Tick Box Responses" which is a dump of "filled up forms" and "recorded interviews" and merely stick to the "activity" as that compromises the core objective that was to be addressed.


RAG Scores Approach Traditional Approach
1. Designed & Implemented by industry experts as a project plan & not a weekly time plan A team of 2-3 junior consultants working five days a week
2. Minimal cost impact as assignment is extended (8-12 months), essential for successful implementations Cost impact as assignments are shorter in duration (3 months) and involve just the report submission
3. Focuses on implementation, willing to work on gain-share model Usually do not structure a gain-share basis they are rarely involved in implementation
4. RAG Scores encourages client teams to be involved leading to greater accountability There is limited client participation. Interaction is limited to providing feedback on reports
5. Each RAG Scores each consultant is an entrepreneur and paid basis customer satisfaction Employees of a large setup with significant fixed compensation
6. RAG Scores Cost base is very low (10% of turnover). These savings are passed onto clients. Significant cost base (25% of turnover). These costs are passed onto clients

We are members of MRSI

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F &B Retail

Project : Outlet Mystery Audit
  • Stores audited for Standardization & Service
  • Improvement in guest service experience
  • Overall sales increase 15% within the first month
  • Repeat guests increased by 10% over 2 months
  • Average per cover went up by 15% over 2 months

Telecom Retail

Project: Retail stores Mystery Audit
  • Stores audited for Standardization, Service & Compliance.
Key Results:
  • 32% improvement in quality scores
  • Circles ranked number 1 & 3 in internal national rankings from 15th & 18th positions respectively


Project: Interaction Quality Improvement
  • Service process audit & redesign Key Results.
Key Results:
  • Bank’s service ranking up from 18th to 2nd
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