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How do we convert multiple audits & interactions into one clear set of actionables ?


One set of actionables : It’s Easy, It’s Real RAG Scores team strongly believes too much feedback at a single instance is like "Too Much Sun".

While RAG Scores team collates inputs of all kinds, however to ensure you manage quality consistently, we provide only with relevant set of actionables at one point of time to ensure proper implementation.


F &B Retail

  • Project : Outlet Mystery Audit
  • Stores audited for Standardization & Service
  • Improvement in guest service experience
  • Overall sales increase 15% within the first month
  • Repeat guests increased by 10% over 2 months
  • Average per cover went up by 15% over 2 months

Telecom Retail

  • Project : Retail stores Mystery Audit
  • Stores audited for Standardization, Service & Compliance Key Results.
  • 32% improvement in quality scores
  • Circles ranked number 1 & 3 in internal national rankings from 15th & 18th positions respectively


  • Project : Interaction Quality Improvement
  • Service process audit & redesign Key Results.
  • Bank’s service ranking up from 18th to 2nd
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